Monday, October 3, 2016

Tayasui Sketches

An app that has recently been introduced to Android is Tayasui Sketches. This app has been available for IOS for some time now, but not for Android until recently.  The Android version has ten tools: a mechanical pencil, a pen, a marker, a brush pen, a watercolor brush, a paint brush, an airbush, a crayon, a pattern brush, and an eraser. This app has three layers with merge and multiply functions. You can pinch to zoom in or undo, redo, or pan with two fingers. You can even start a new picture by sliding to the left with three fingers. The brushes have different tips and you can set the size and opacity. When you double tap the eraser, it erases the whole canvas. You can download a free version of this app, but to unlock all the features requires an in app purchase of around $2.15 per item. Overall, this is a very good inking app and you can make some nice pen and ink style drawings with it. I think the IOS version has a recording function, more brushes, and a few more functions than the Android version has.  

Here is the UI.

You can choose the size and shape of the brush tips. Here is an example of the watercolor brushes.

When you double tap a brush you can select the  color picker or use the color bar on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

The pattern pen has lots of different ink-like effects. 
"Apple Blossom Sketch"
Ellie Taylor 

This is a quick sketch that I did of an apple blossom. I like the look of the watercolor and airbrush. I did have some problems with stability on this app. It crashed and froze up on me a few times on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2,  so it needs a few more bug fixes. 

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