Thursday, October 30, 2014

ArtRage for Android Tablets

Ambient Design has finally released ArtRage for android tablets. It has been available in the Samsung App Store for several months and is now available in the Google Play Store. It has all the basic drawing tools that the desktop version has including oil/acrylic brushes, pens, pencils, watercolor brushes, gloop pen, pencils, erasers, paint roller, glitter pen, paint bucket, color picker, palette knife, markers, paint tube, airbrush, and pastels. Here is the interface for smaller tablets on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Here is the UI for bigger tablets like my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Here is an example of the different types of paint on the android version.

ArtRage for android has brush settings that can be changed and saved to make your own brushes. It also has different paper textures, several brush presets for each drawing tool category, 23 layer blending modes, a reference window, a tracing function, and a saved colors palette. You can make canvas sizes up to 2048x2048 pixels. It has several gesture functions including brush resize, zoom , move, undo/redo, toggle toolbar, and fit to screen. It also has pressure sensitivity. 

The tablet version doesn't have stickers, stencils, guides or any tools other than the ones I have mentioned. It is mainly a scaled down version of the desktop version. ArtRage for android is excellent for painting, but if you want more editing capabilities you need to transfer your painting to the desktop version or use another app. It doesn't have all the cute styluses or tool icons like in the desktop version (see my other blog at, but that's okay, I am just glad the android tablet version is out now. It's a great app for taking your tablet on plein air painting trips outside. Here is a demo painting that I did for an arts and crafts show on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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