Sunday, August 24, 2014

Corel Painter Mobile

Corel Painter has released an android painting app along with its new PC program Corel Painter 2015. It has 70 plus brushes including oil brushes, pencils, pens and markers, calligraphy, watercolor, texture brushes, blending brushes, airbrushes, and chalks and charcoal. It has some simple tools like crop, transform, paint bucket, eraser, layers, and symmetry tools. The canvas size goes up to 2048 by 2048 pixels. Corel Painter has several paper textures too. You can also export your project into Painter 2015 to finish it in the big program. As of this writing the Corel Painter app still needs some stability fixes. It blends paint wonderfully and the charcoal brushes are just like real. The blending tools are also very nice. The watercolor brushes are nice, but need a little more work. I would also like to see the ink pens made smoother like the ones in the Sketchbook apps and in Zen Brush. Also, sometimes when you save a project, it loses whole layers even after you've merged all of them. The best way to beat this is to first export your painting into your tablet's gallery, then try to save it. If it loses your layers, you will still have a copy in your tablet gallery. There have been several updates and each time it gets more stable after each one. I am sure they are working to get all the bugs out of the new app.
Here is a painting made using the Thick Oil brush. Unfortunately the background layer I painted was lost.

You can see in the thumbnail what the background looks like, but I can't get it back.

There has just been a new update and the program is more stable. I also have not lost any layers on my current painting since the new update.

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